Let our story be told!

Welcome to Utah’s 1 to 5 Club and the stories we are here to tell.

All too often our stories are erased – not just by the media, but by ourselves. Here, on this site, you will see our stories. Here, the stories of our community, right here in Salt Lake, will posted. Here, we will share who we are and bring ourselves out into the light and celebrate – our pictures, our histories, our hopes, and you know what – the fun moments in our lives that make us … us.

Here, we will not only tell the history not just of the 1 to 5 Club, but our present and in doing so, create our future.

No longer to those of us who identify as bisexual, asexual, pansexual, and beyond need to keep to ourselves. We are the backbone of this community, and our world is colorful and exciting and we want to record it.

So come and join us.

Come tell your story.